The Keelings have officially retired as of December 2016. Thank you for your love and support of our ministry for the past 23 years!


img_randy_trishRandy & Trish Keeling

Dad, Grandpa, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Author and Pastor are just a few titles held by Randy Keeling who founded The Keelings after accepting the Lord as his personal Savior on August 18, 1993. After this experience, Randy felt the call of God to share his testimony of hope, healing, and new life in Christ with the world. From as early as he can remember, gospel music has been a real source of inspiration in his life. Blessed with a natural musical talent, it seemed fitting that God would lead him to start a family music ministry. At the age of two, Randy sang in church for the first time, and then at age seven he received his first trumpet.

Through his childhood and teen years Randy studied piano, trumpet, and voice. This training helped to prepare him for the work God was calling him to do. In addition to the music, Randy is the Senior Pastor of Reash Community Church in Cochranton, PA and operates Christian Fellowship Tours, a Christian bus tour company.

The tours provide great way for Randy to meet and minister to people and be a Christian witness. The backbone behind the ministry is his wife Trish, to whom he has been married for the past 29 years. Randy says that it has been a real privilege to serve the Lord these past 20 years.

img_jeff_hannahJeff & Hannah (Smith) Keeling

Randy’s older son Jeff is often referred to as the man behind the music. Jeff started playing the piano at the age of 4? years old. His parents soon recognized that God had given Jeff a very special gift in the music field. At age 8, Jeff started his piano studies, which he continued throughout much of his childhood and teen years. In the 5th grade he joined the elementary school band and began playing the trumpet.

Throughout his musical career, Jeff played in various honors, district and regional bands. During his senior year of high school, he received the Louis Armstrong jazz award. In High School, Jeff was a member of the National Honor Society as well as being named to Who’s Who among American High School Students.

After graduating high school, Jeff ran for and won a seat on the Commodore Perry School Board where he served for 3.5 years. In June of 2007 after graduating from Thiel College in Greenville, PA with a degree in English, Jeff resigned his duties as a school board member and accepted the position of English/Literature teacher at Commodore Perry High School. A few years later, Jeff was promoted to the position of Dean of Students and the following year was promoted to High School Principal where he continues to serve today.

Jeff’s past duties for the group have included: keyboardist, arranger, bass singer and trumpeter. In the recording studio he also uses his talents on the guitar and drums, which have become a couple of his favorite instruments.

Jeff also holds a M.A. in English from Youngstown State University and K-12 Principal Certification from Gannon University. Currently, Jeff is working on his Doctor of Education degree from Liberty University.

Jeff married Hannah Smith in August of 2009. Hannah teaches English at Saegertown High School, and had their first child in May of 2013, Jackson James Keeling.

Both Jeff and Hannah are endeavoring to serve the Lord.

img_doug_nancyDoug & Nancy (Lengauer) Keeling

Randy’s younger son, Doug, sings baritone, and plays bass and trumpet. Doug is often referred to as the group’s computer geek as he designs album covers and serves as The Keelings’ website designer and webmaster.

Doug graduated from Commodore Perry High School as the 2006 salutatorian. During the graduation ceremonies, Doug received the senior awards for excellence in English and music.
Throughout his high school and musical career, Doug held the first chair in the trumpet section of the symphonic band as well as the jazz band. During the 2001-2002 school year he received the band director’s award in the jr. high band. During the 2004-2005 school year, like his brother Jeff, Doug received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. At the end of 2005-2006 school year, Doug also received the prestigious John Philip Sousa award.

In addition to his music awards, during the 2002-2003 school year, Doug won the outstanding service award, was inducted into the National Honor Society, and was also named to Who’s Who among American High School Students and graduated as Salutatorian of his class.

In the spring of 2010, Doug graduated as one of 5 valedictorians from Thiel College in Greenville, PA with a degree in Web Development and E-Commerce. Doug also currently serves on the Commodore Perry School Board.

Doug married Nancy Lengauer in July of 2011. Nancy teaches Title 1 Math at Oakview Elementary School in Stoneboro, PA.

Doug operates his own graphic and website design business. To see some of Doug’s work, please visit

Both Doug and Nancy are endeavoring to serve the Lord.

img_pat_lynnPat & Lynn (Keeling) Willaman


Randy’s daughter Lynn, is the youngest member of the group. Lynn started her music career at the young age of 3 when she started soloing at many concerts. At age 10, Lynn joined the elementary school band as a flute player.

For the Keelings, Lynn does a great job singing tenor and alto wherever her part is needed. She also assists with CD sales. During the ’03-’06 school years, Lynn received the award for Outstanding Alto in the middle school and senior choir at Commodore Perry High School. In her senior year, Lynn received the prestigious John Philip Sousa award for her excellence in the High School Band.

After graduating with honors from Commodore Perry High School in the spring of 2008. Lynn enrolled and later graduated from Penn State University after completing the Physical Therapy Assistant program.

In January of 2010, Lynn married Pat Willaman of Cochranton, PA. On July 30, 2012, Pat and Lynn had their first child, a baby boy, Jacob Ross Willaman. In November of 2013, they welcomed their second son, Aaron Josiah.


Like the Keeling kids, Pat also graduated from Commodore Perry High School in 2004 as Salutatorian of his class. Throughout their high school years, Pat and Doug were very good friends and Pat was no stranger to the family. Eventually he asked Doug how he would feel if he would want to date his little sister Lynn. Doug said that it wouldn’t matter to him; however, he wasn’t sure how his dad would feel. The rest is history, and Pat became a regular at the Keeling home. In January 2008 we discovered that Pat could sing, and thus began his musical journey with The Keelings. It didn’t take long for Pat to become a great asset to the group. Pat graduated from Grove City College, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is now employed as a Mechanical Engineer at Joy Global in Franklin, PA. Together, Pat & Lynn are endeavoring to serve the Lord.